Social Responsibility


We act for the welfare of different Oaxaca groups and communities which for various reasons are vulnerable. We work together with different Associations that are committed in developing social projects.


Acting and creating a green culture of caring and respect for the environment. We inform and encourage our guests to take conscious actions and make good use of resources.


Be tolerant, empathic, and respect the human rights of all our guests. Do not discriminate by gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political ideology, or any issue.


• Creating a Fund where, from every reservation paid in cash, we give a 5% to contribute and support a social cause in Oaxaca.

• Using an alternative way of heating water through sunlight. We also use rainwater for the plants, and cleaning issues.

• Collaborating with Groups and Associations for the realization of social projects in benefit of the culture and communities in Oaxaca.

• Having a permanent recycling program; we separate trash in: glass, PET, aluminum, paper, and organic.

• Sharing our multiple use salon for workshops, meetings, and cultural events organized by Cielo Rojo or by any alternative group with a good project.

• We use light saving bulbs in our rooms and common areas.

• We avoid the excessive use of paper in the bathrooms and we use towels for drying hands which we change constantly for better hygiene.

• We use organic coffee for our breakfast which we buy directly from the farmers in the Oaxacan Mixe region.

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